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What is a Paleontologist? Easy Reader for Kids

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What is a paleontologist?

what is a paleontologist

Can I tell you something embarrassing?  I feel silly telling you this, but I always thought an archaeologist was someone who studied dinosaurs. When in actuality a paleontologist is someone who studies dinosaurs, animals and plants from history.  An archaeologist studies human remains.  Did you know that? Probably you did.

I am working on all kinds of dinosaur content this week and as I was getting ready to put together this post, I was reading things to make sure I used proper terms. I then realized my error. Goodness!

How did that escape my knowledge for all of these years?  You learn something new all of the time.  That’s actually one of my favorite parts of teaching my kids- all that I continuously learn.

Paleontologist Easy Reader Book

paleontologist easy reader book for kids

So, now that we got that truth out of the way, today I want to share with you my new Paleontologist Easy Reader Book.  This is a book for younger readers to help teach them about what a paleontologist is. I wish I had one of these when I was little!

reading about paleontologists

I made this book with my youngest in mind. She is in kindergarten this year. This printable book is not easy enough for a kindergartner to read, because some of the words in it are a little harder. But, it is at a kindergarten or first grade learning level.

We read it to my daughter, a few times.  She liked it. (This is my cute “tweenager” reading it to her.)  She could read probably about half of the words on her own.

paleontologist mini book

This little mini paleontology book is eight pages long. It prints with four small pages per printer page.

Each page has fun bright colored pictures of all different types of fossils and images of paleontologist working.

paleontologist book for kids

It’s a fun printable book that’s great for any young learners. If you are teaching about dinosaurs, fossils or ancient history, this would be a great addition to your lesson.

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paleontologist easy reader


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