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Chemistry for Kids: Fun Experiments and Ideas!

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Is there such a thing as chemistry for kids? You bet! And it can be so much fun.

This year in our homeschool, my 4th grader is studying chemistry. He is really enjoying it and learning a lot. I am using the Noeo Chemistry curriculum and it is more of a self-guided study, which I love!

So, we have collected some fun Chemistry learning things this year. We have some cool books, and activities as well as some great chemistry experiments that kids love.

I thought today I would share some of those fun resources for teaching chemistry to kids. I have also made some Chemical Compound Printable Cards to share with you all!

chemistry for kids- experiments, activities, games and more!

One simple way to help kids learn the elements is to print out a free Periodic Table and make it into a puzzle for your kids to put back together. This has been good practice for my son.

Have you seen my Periodic Table Battleship post?  If not, that’s a REALLY fun one! Check it out.

Periodic Table Battleship- chemistry for kids

Cool Chemistry Experiments and Activities:

We have dome some fun chemistry experiments and activities over the years. Check some of these out to get the ideas for your chemistry lesson going. These are simple chemistry ideas that you can do from home or (most of them) in a classroom. There are some simple chemical reactions as well as some that are a little more complex, but kids love them all!

Water Chemistry Experiment

Green Eggs Food Chemistry Experiment

Food Chemistry: Juice Noodles

Food Chemistry: Cake Experiment

Building Atomic Models

Seashell Acid Base Experiment

Poinsettia Ph Experiment

Cabbage Juice Ph Experiment

How to Make Slime

Homemade Paintball Bombs

How to Make a Volcano

Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloon

How to Clean Pennies

Elephant Toothpaste

How to Make a Coin Battery

How to Make a Lemon Battery

Apple Browning Experiment


We also have a bunch of books on chemistry that he enjoys reading. Here are the ones we have and enjoy. . .

Chemistry Books for Kids

Chemistry Books for Kids

 The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin D. Wiker

Adventures With Atoms and Molecules by Robert C. Mebane & Thomas R. Rybolt

Basher’s Chemistry by Dan Green

The Periodic Table by Simon Basher

Chemistry for Every Kid by Janice VanCleave

Fizz, Bubble & Flash by Anita J. Brandolini

The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe by Theodore Gray

DK Eyewitness: Chemistry by Ann Newmark

Chemistry: The Atom and Elements by April Chloe Terrazas

Chemistry Pre-Level 1 (Real Science 4 Kids) by Rebecca W. Keller


Chemistry Games & Toys Kids Love



We have a really fun game called Elementeo that teaches the different properties of the elements. My son loves playing this game!



We don’t have these Periodic Table Playing Cards, but I am thinking they would be a great one to get soon!  Don’t they look neat?

molecular Model Building Kit

I got my son this Molecular Model building kit for Christmas & he has been having fun with it.  We like to use this Molecule app with it to get ideas of what to build & know what things he is making.



This Periodic Table Tile Set is on my wish list…

I made a pretty cool set of Printable Chemical Compound Cards.   They are a great thing to use to practice the compounds with your kids. It includes 19 different chemical compounds!


Chemical Compounds Printable Cards 1

Grab this printable in my shop– or add it to your cart now!

$6.00Add to cart



What are your favorite chemistry activities and experiments for kids?

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  3. Are you using Noeo Chemistry 2 or 3? I am planning on using Chemistry 2 to teach a co-op class for G3-5 and I noticed you have books here from both 2 and 3. Did you find you needed/wanted more books than the ones in Chemistry 2?
    Thanks for a great list of resources! I have ordered some of these that we didn’t have.

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