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Using a 3-D Pen for Geometry

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We have been drooling over the awesomeness of 3-D printers for a long time now. But, have you heard of a 3-D pen?  This is a much more realistic option to use this incredible new 3-D printing technology.  We have been trying out an AtmosFlare 3-D pen at our house this month and have had such a blast! I decided to use it to create some 3-D geometric shapes and I’ll teach you how. (I received a free 3-d pen and was compensate for my time writing this post. All thoughts and ideas are my own.)  (Make sure to get ALL The way to the end to enter the giveaway!)

Make 3-D Geometric Shapes with a 3-D Pen

If you have never seen or used a 3-D pen, it is such a fun toy to play around with!  You can actually create tangible things with it. It has a gel/ink cartridge that you squeeze out to make whatever thing you want to. Then there is a small UV light that you turn on and it cures the gel making it like a solid plastic. It is a simple thing to use, but quite amazing!!

3-D Pen

My kids and I had a lot of fun experimenting with the 3-D pen. We only made a few small things before our gel ran out, but we have more colors on order and can’t wait to keep creating! We were quite ambitious with our first project and decided to build the Eiffel Tower. Yeah, maybe a little too ambitious, but it was sure fun trying!

Eiffel Tower with a 3-D pen

How to Make Geometric Shapes with a 3-D Pen

Then I decided it might be easier to trace on top of a template. So for our next project, I printed some shape templates. I put wax paper over the top of the shape because the gel is VERY sticky before it hardens. This kept our surfaces cleaner, but also made it easy to remove and actually pick up.

3-d geometric shapes

Once we traced the first shape, I drew lines coming up from each corner and cured them.  Then I traced another identical shape lifted it up and connected it at each corner with more gel.

3-d pen geometry

I had high hopes to make a few different shapes, but we ran out of gel after just one. I should have made it smaller!! The 3-D pen is incredibly fun to play with.  I let my kids play with it a lot and maybe should have controlled my kids usage to do more official projects.  However, I loved that they were exploring and experimenting and really enjoying it.

3-d pen geometric shapes

I have ordered more gels cartridges and am waiting for them to arrive. They have 12 colors to choose from, so you really could make anything with these. We are still in the beginning stages of our projects, and I know they are not terribly impressive, but I think we will get better with time!

How to Make 3-D Geometric Shapes with a 3-D Pen

How to Make 3-D Geometric Shapes with a 3-D Pen

I was surprised to see how reasonably priced the AtmosFlare 3-D pen is!  They sell for just $29.99 on their website.  You can also find them at Toys-R-Us.  The cartridges are where the price adds up. They sell for $5.99 each. With how quickly the kids go through them, I am going to be a lot more careful with the ink from now on!

See The AtmosFlare 3-D Pen in Use!


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