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Water Drop Maze

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Remember the Eyedropper Fill The Dot activity we did a while back?  It was a big hit. This is a lot like that one! This time I made a water drop maze for my kids.

Water Drop Maze- fast, easy, fun game for kids

This maze is so easy to make and my kids had lots of fun with it!

You can make your own, or use my printable Water the Garden Maze version!

This version is a free download.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Water Drop- Water the Garden Maze

How To Make a Water Drop Maze:

Draw a simple maze on a sheet of card stock paper. I used a ruler, to make the lines straight.

Water Drop Maze from Teach Beside Me

Once you have the lines drawn, (or if you are printing the water garden one) laminate the paper. If you don’t have a laminator, you could use wax paper or a sheet protector as well.

To make a tricky challenge, you can hole punch a few holes on it. Once it’s laminated it is harder to hole punch. You have to bend the paper.

Make a Water Drop Maze- Fun game for kids

Mix some food coloring into a little bit of water, this makes it more visible. Using an eye dropper, put a droplet of water at start. Move the maze around to get the drop of water to finish!


maze with a drop of water

My kids want me to make a couple more so we can have some water drop maze races!

This is a great sensory play activity for kids! It is also a fun way to learn about the properties of water!

Check out the eyedropper fill the dot activity!



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