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Playing Store- Play Money Printable

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Playing store with play money is something my kids really enjoy doing together. In this post I will share a fun play money printable as well as some fun way to teach with it!
My kids love pretend play with their food toys and play money.  Every once in a while we pull them out together and play pretend grocery store with our food toys.  They really enjoy this.  It is such a great way to teach the concept of money math and help them learn adding as well.
playing store with play money for kids

Playing Store with Play Money

The last time they were playing store, I decided to turn it into a sneaky learning activity. I love to sneak in learning in a fun way. That’s one of the great parts of homeschooling. You can weave so much learning into everyday activities.
The kids cut up strips of paper and we decided how much each thing in the store would cost- we even priced our pots and pans.
I gave the kids $100 of play money (use smaller bills) and told them they had to get everything they needed to make dinner for the family.  And they had no dishes or pots and pans, either.  They were both surprised and excited about this challenge! They loved having their own money and they loved coming up with a plan!
I made some printable play money templates for you as a free resource.

Download My Free Printable Play Money Today!

Included in this Play Money Printable set are full pages of each of the bills. Each page has 8 bills on a page. There are $1 bills, $5 bills, $10 bills, $20 bills, and $100 bills. There is also a page full of blank bills that kids can use to fill in their own amounts of that you could even add a child’s photo to. There is also a page of coins to print and use including the penny, dime, nickel, quarter, half dollar and silver dollar.

These fake money printables are more generic looking coins and bills. They are not made to represent real money, but are great for teaching kids about money value.


money for kids- playing store

It was a really fun way to see how much they had left after each purchase- and how much they could buy with the money they were given.  They also loved getting creative and thinking up what meals they would make for dinner with the food we had. (Maybe let them help make the meal they planned for dinner that night!)
meal planning and money playing store
They were really careful to try and get all of the things they needed and not spend their money unwisely!  I also talked to them a little about how we have to budget our money as well when we buy food- that’s why we can’t always buy all the things we want…


It was a really great learning activity!

Other Fun Ways to Use the Play Money Printable:

  • Use these printable dollar bills in your classroom to teach money.
  • Use it as a reward system for good behavior to earn prizes. This works for older kids, too!
  • Use it as a reward for chores that kids can cash in for real money or for prizes. (See my printable chore charts.)
  • Try more imaginary play by using this pretend play money to play restaurant.
  • Use it for homemade board games or to replace lost money from games you might already have.

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