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Roll a Whole -Fraction Math Game

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It is time for another math game to help make math more fun!  Today I will show you a fun fraction math game. This is a VERY easy math game to play when your kids are learning fractions.

fraction math game

Roll a While: Fraction Math Game

Supplies needed:

I have a couple of fraction dice that I found at a school supply store.
I also have a set of plastic fraction tiles that are fun to pull out when learning about fractions. There are some fun magnetic strips online, too!
You could easily make this game for free by putting dot stickers over regular dice and writing fractions on them. I have a set of printable Fraction Strips in my shop.  They have fractions through 1/16th. You can print them in color or black & white.

Grab this printable in my shop as part of my Fraction Activities Bundle.  

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How to Play The Roll a Whole: Fractions Math Game

To play the game, we just used our whole piece as the base and rolled the dice. We had to roll until we filled our piece exactly with the right about of fractions to make a whole.  The game goes quickly. You can print as many whole strips as you need to have multiple players.
fraction game
Easy Peasy.
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    1. We have a set of fraction dice with different fractions on them. We did it with both dice since they each had different fractions on them You could easily make it yourself with just one die. Then you can select the fractions you want to use. When we did it, I let the kids choose which die they wanted to roll depending on what they needed. 🙂

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