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Alphabet Pop Art

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Alphabet plus art equals an awesome educational art project!  This is a fun alphabet pop art project that came from the Home Art Studio we have been using. My kids and I all had fun making this project.
alphabet pop art- teach beside me

Make Your Own Alphabet Pop Art:

This is a fun mixed-medium art project for preschoolers, kindergartners,  and older kids, too!
This Pop Art project is based on the awesome work of Andy Warhol.  See another fun pop art project we have done: Andy Warhol For Kids: Flag Art
To make this alphabet pop art craft, we started by folding a piece of paper until we had more than enough squares to write the alphabet.
Then I drew the lines with a sharpie marker. We wrote the letters in the squares with oil pastels.  Crayons would also work well for this. Rotate using different colors to give it a pop of color!  In the leftover squares, draw a few little pictures like a sun, heart, star, etc.
preschool alphabet pop art
My kids filled in their own letters of the alphabet, and drew some of their own pictures, too. This is great writing practice for kids!
After the squares are all filled with letters and pictures, watercolor paint over the top of each square in contrasting colors from the letters.
preschool alphabet craft
This Alphabet Pop Art craft is an easy project but is so beautiful!
preschool abc art
They turned out really pretty, don’t you think?!


The kids were so proud of their projects.  I think these are pretty enough to frame for the kids rooms.

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