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Learning the Alphabet- Alphabet Mat

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When I was a kid, my Mom made an alphabet mat. I remember having lots of fun playing on it. I decided to make one for my kids. They love it! We use it for so many things.
alphabet mat- learning the alphabet
  • We use it to say the alphabet & march along it as we sing or chant it.
  • We also like to use it with bean bags- we’ll say a letter & try to toss the bean bags to that letter.
  • We spell out the kids names and they hop from letter to letter.
  • I have a pack of alphabet flash cards that my daughter uses to match the cards with the letters on the mat.
  • She’s also learning to match the lower case letter cards with the upper case letters on the mat.
  • My older son likes to do his spelling words on it.

If you want to make, one it’s really easy. I used a flat sheet. Then I cut the letters out of multicolored fabrics with pinking shears. To divide the rows, I used grograin ribbon. (4 rows of 7) Then I sewed the letters on with a zig-zag stitch. There were 2 extra squares that I filled with shapes.

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Here are the letter templates I used for the letters.
learning the alphabet

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  1. found you through “one pretty thing”…cute idea! i could see the kids gathering small items from around the house and putting them on the letter it starts with. i also like the bean bag matching idea. i might just be making one of these in the near future…

  2. i just wanted to thank you for linking this up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party! i’m featuring it at this week’s party! stop by and grab yourself a featured button! i can’t wait to see what else you have to share!

  3. did you Really use those letters? I just printed them out, they seem significantly smaller than the ones you have pictured. Also the “I” is different. The letters are so small, out seems like a waste of space. Hmmmm… Not really wanting to waste all the fabric/sheets to make these if they aren’t going to look right…

  4. Jeannie-
    Yeah, but I do remember working with them to make them full size on the paper. For the I, I just freehanded the other part. I prefer a regular crossed I. Sorry you’re having trouble.

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