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3-Part Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles

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Spanish is our language of choice and we love learning it. We love it because it is a language that we hear a lot and in a lot of situations .  I have shared a few posts about different ways we have learned Spanish as well as why I think it is important to learn a foreign language. Today I have a set of Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles that I made. They go along with our Spanish curriculum Foreign Language for Kids that we have been using.

3-part Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles

These Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles highlight 15 words that are included in the first four lessons of Foreign Languages for Kids. They are three-part puzzles and include the Spanish word, the English word as well as a picture of the word. The kids will need to know each part to complete the puzzles.

Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles

If you haven’t checked out Foreign Languages for Kids yet, I highly recommend it. ( See my review on Foreign Languages for Kids.) My kids really enjoy it. I wanted a way to help them really practice their words while not watching the movies, so I thought this would be  fun and interactive way. They get tired of flashcards, so this was a fun solution! However, even if you are not using this Spanish curriculum, you can use these to practice Spanish vocabulary with your kids!

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Spanish Teaching

Want even more Spanish learning resources?  Visit my post on Homeschool Spanish Teaching Resources for Kids.

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