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Beginning Sewing for Little Kids

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Check out these beginning sewing ideas for little kids!
My 5-year-old daughter has been begging me to learn how to sew lately.  I have been sewing for years and it has apparently influenced her desire to learn.  She told me that she has to learn to sew and cook to be a good grown-up.  I love that.   It is fun to see my daughter taking an interest in something I also enjoy.
So, I have been thinking of simple sewing projects to teach her some very beginning sewing skills.  It is such a valuable skill to know. It is also great to help them develop their fine motor skills.
I used to teach Home Economic Classes and loved the sewing portion of it. My mom taught me to sew when I was a young girl and I have always loved having that skill. I definitely want to pass on the basics of sewing to my kids. As my daughter got older, (this was originally posted many years ago) I got her her own sewing machine.  A Singer sewing machine is a great heavy duty machine for kids to get started on!

Beginning Sewing Ideas for Little Kids

Following are some beginner sewing projects that will be easy for your kids to learn and practice this practical skill. They will love the ability to make some DIY gifts for friends or family members for Christmas or birthdays.

  • Teaching kids to sew on buttons is an important skill to learn. This is easy to learn and something they will use their whole life.
  • Making small diy pillows for their bed or for dolls is an easy starter project for kids. Just cut out 2 rectangles,  sew around them in a straight line, and fill with stuffing.
  • Homemade dolls or softies- let them use their creativity to make up an idea. My kids love to use felt pieces to make homemade little stuffed animals or silly monsters.
  • Homemade scrunchies or hair ties- this was the first thing I learned to make as a young girl.
  • Make a small zipper pouch- they will need some assistance with the zipper, but could easily sew the pouch themselves.
My mother-in-law recently gave me some little mesh plastic craft circles. You can find them in different shapes. You can also buy it in large sheets.

Find this multipack on Amazon.


I drew little pictures on the lacing circles with a permanent marker for my daughter to sew along.
I found some plastic needles and lacing strings on Discount School Supply (my absolute favorite place to buy school supplies!) that are perfect to go along with this. Plus using plastic needles helps me know she is safe.

The great thing about these is it really helps them learn the skill of sewing and is easy to fix if mistakes are made. This allows for less frustration when they don’t do it the way they wanted to. Little kids often get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way they envisioned!

She has been sewing with  these nonstop since I made them for her.  She LOVES them!

Hand Sew a Homemade Purse

Another fun way to teach beginning sewing is to make a little homemade purse.  We did this with craft foam and yarn, embroidery floss would also work well.  I put two rectangles together and hole punched them.
My daughter wove through the holes and we tied it together at the end.  She also decorated her purse when she was done sewing it.  It was so simple! She also had lots of fun with this one.


Sew a Small Fabric Tote Bag

I also helped her sew a small fabric bag.  I have some jumbo needles and I threaded them with embroidery thread, so it was easier for her.  If you place the two pieces of fabric together (right sides facing each other) then sew around, except for one side, it makes a little bag.  She uses it to hold some of her little toys.  She is so proud of the fact that she really made it on her own.

Add a ribbon strap so they can carry it around on their shoulder.



Once their skills are a little more developed, try some beginner cross stitch projects!

Make a Sewing Kit:

Put together a simple sewing kit for your kids.  Here’s what I include when I make them for my kids:

Embroidery thread
Fabric scraps
Felt squares
Fabric marking pencils
Fiber Fill or stuffing

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