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Simple Fairy Crown Craft

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My daughter is SO girly.  She loves anything pink, fluffy, and related to princesses or fairies.  So we decided to make a little fairy crown.  This fairy crown craft was a real hit & hung around the house for a long time!

fairy crown craft

How to Make A Fairy Crown:

To make it, cover a paper towel tube with multi-colored pieces of tissue paper that are cut into little pieces.  Shape doesn’t matter, so let your child cut to her heart’s delight!  Glue them on.

After all the glue has dried you will need to cut slits in the tube.  About every inch you will cut a slit, but on opposite sides, so it will spread apart. cut almost all the way to the other side each time.

Separate the sections and stretch it around into a circle.  Attach the two ends together making it into a crown.  I attached the ends with tape.

Decorate with sequins, feathers, stickers, and sticky craft foam shapes. Whatever fabulously girly crafty things you have!


Allow all of the glue to dry. Waiting is the hardest part!
Place on head and twirl around like a little fairy! Pink fluffy clothes are a must.


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  1. Hi from waddlee-ah-chaa
    My little Miss Enigma would love doing this project. She looooooooooves glue, sparkles and feathers! Very cute. 🙂
    jeannine: waddleeahchaa.com

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