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Color Scavenger Hunt with Printable

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Going on a color scavenger hunt is an awesome activity for kids. Color hunts are a perfect way to help kids learn their colors and different shades of the colors.  It’s a great activity for an introductory color lesson in art. Pair it with learning about the color wheel!  Or this is such a fun nature study lesson as you learn about leaves and flowers in the Spring or Summer.
How to go on a color scavenger hunt

How To Go On a Color Scavenger Hunt

This color scavenger hunt is so fun and simple to get ready.  Just print out my color viewer and color collection page. I printed them on card stock to make them more durable. This printable is available in my subscriber library for free!  See also my Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt
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Color Scavenger Hunt
Cut the center out of the color viewer, and attach a jumbo craft stick to the bottom (not required, but adds a fun touch!)
color hunt in nature
Next, take your color viewer on a little color hunt!  This is most fun outside, but it could also be done inside of the house or in a school room.  We always prefer the outside option.
color scavenger hunt
When kids find a color match, they can place it on the collection page.

Egg Carton Color Scavenger Hunt

Egg Carton Color Scavenger Hunt
Another fun way to go on a color hunt is with egg cartons.  We did this years ago with my kids when they were littler and they loved it!
I saved two egg cartons, one for each of my kids participating.  We painted the inside of each hole a different color.  After they were dry, we went on a nature color  hunt throughout the neighborhood.
We tried to find everything natural (no trash) but there were a few colors that they painted which were not easy to find.  The kids had a lot of fun, and they kept the little treasures they found for a while in their egg cartons.

How to Download the Color Scavenger Hunt Viewer

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