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Mix & Match Painted Rock Faces

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Painted rock faces are a wonderful nature craft to do as we are nearing Earth Day!
Painted Rock Faces- Nature Art
We had so much fun making these painted rock faces- and they were so easy to make!

How to Make the Painted Rock Faces:

To start, we went outside and collected some mostly flat rocks. Then we washed them off and let them dry in the sunshine. We are lucky to live in a rocky area, so rocks are easy to come by. (Perks of living on a mountain!)
collecting and washing rocks for art
Next, we put out some newspaper and began painting the rocks into our silly little faces. We used an acrylic paint to make them more durable.  My kids had fun coming up with different facial features and ideas for the painted rock faces. You can really get creative here!
For the eyes, try to find some rocks that are similar sizes and make a pair of eyes that match. Make a variety of shapes, colors and expressions so that you can have lots of fun mixing the facial features around.
painting rocks with kids for rock faces
When the rocks are dry, start building faces with them.  It’s like a giant never ending puzzle or art project!  Use other parts of nature to make the hair and the heads. We used leaves, twigs, brush, grass, moss, and more!
We really enjoyed assembling the faces and adding leaves or moss or twigs for hair.
Rock Faces nature art
What was fun about this project is that my kids then began making up silly stories about the characters they created with their rock faces. It really go their creative juices flowing.
Aren’t these Painted Rock Faces adorable?  I really love the way my kids painted these faces!  You could glaze them with a varnish to make them last a lot longer, too.

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  1. These are just so stinkin’ cute and I am sure you had fun making them. am pinning this to my Look What We Did Art board. Thanks for linking them on HammockTracks and I look forward to seeing what you are working on this week.

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