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Pressed Flower Pictures

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Ready for some beautiful colorful art?  Try out our Pressed Flower Pictures project.  You and your kids will have so much fun with this!

pressed flower pictures- nature art for kids

This pressed flowers art project will teach a little art, a little science and maybe even a little geometry.


Science behind the pressed flower pictures:

Biology is the study of living things.  The branch of biology that studies plants is called botany.  In this project you will get to collect some beautiful flowers and plants to preserve and make into an art piece of your choice. Take some time to learn about the types of plants you collect as well as learning the various parts of the flowers and plants. 

Art Behind the Pressed Flower Pictures:

Obviously you are making beautiful art in the process of putting these together. You are bringing together, color, and shape to make unique masterpieces.  In our project we made animals, but you can create any shape or image that inspires you.

science art- pressed flower pictures

Supplies for the Pressed Flower Pictures:

Flowers and leaves– go outside and collect some beautiful nature! (Or, if it’s the wrong season, you can even buy the pressed flowers pre-made for you!

Large books

Parchment paper




How To Make the Pressed Flower Pictures:

Go outside!  Collect various types of flowers and leaves, the more colors the better. Take some time to identify the different items you find. It will make it much more special and memorable. You can do this with plant identification apps.

Place the flowers between pieces of parchment paper and press between the pages of a large book. Try not to overlap the flowers when pressing them. They will stick together.   Allow them to dry completely. They can take up to two weeks to be fully dry, so you’ll want to plan ahead for this project.

pressed flower art supplies

Once your flowers are pressed and completely dry design the pictures you want to make. You can make any pictures you can dream up! Print or draw an outline of your picture on a blank piece of paper to help you create your design.

pressed flower picture- butterfly

This is where a little bit of math can be added into the learning. How many flowers does it take to fill the space?  Do you want to create symmetry between the two sides of the design?

pressed flower art- bird

Arrange the pressed flowers on your drawing.  Use a paintbrush to lightly brush glue on the back of the flowers. You could also spread the glue on the paper instead of the flowers. Attach them to your paper. Once dry you can frame them or turn the beautiful pressed flower pictures into cards.

pressed flower pictures

Love these pressed flower pictures?  I’m sure you’ll love more of my nature themed ideas, too!

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