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The COOLEST Science Art Projects for Kids

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Check out some of the coolest science art projects for kids in this post!

50 science art projects for kids

Combining Science and Art can be so much fun!  With the launch of my newest book, Science Art and Drawing Games for Kids, I wanted to share some awesome activities that combine the two. This book brings science and creativity together in new ways.

Turn your home or classroom into a little laboratory and have fun with chemistry, biology, energy and more!

science art book

Science and art very often go hand in hand.  So much of art uses science and discovery to make it happen.  Scientists discovery beauty in their experiments. There are chemical reactions, natural laws such as motion, gravity, color and light, and more that happen in art.

I hope you’ll take some time to explore and teach some of these ideas to your kids or students!


Energy & Motion Science + Art

These science art projects have ideas that teach and create using different forms of energy and motion.  These  are perfect for lessons on potential or kinetic energy, gravity, and more!

Straw Rockets– We love these straw rockets!  Use the pre-colored designs, or get creative and color your own.

straw rockets~ science and art combined!

Pantograph Drawing Machine

science art pantograph drawing machine

Twirligig– this is one of the most fun projects and a top post on my site.  You and your kids will love learning how to make it and learning the science behind it!

Gravity Spinner Toy– Make a fun spinning toy while learning about how gravity works.

Spool Racers– One of our favorites over the years! Potential and kinetic energy are the science behind this one.

Build Cinderella’s Carriage– Design a carriage for Cinderella and learn how to make it move, too!

Flapping Bat Wings– This cute flapping bat gets kids learning about how bat wings flap and move.

Shooting Star Spinner  – This is a fun wind-up toy that flies like a shooting star!  Learn about kinetic and potential energy.

Rubber Band Boats– These wind-up boats are an awesome project for kids! They’ll have a blast making and testing them out.

Candle Seesaw Science Project– This one feels like magic!  It’s definitely one you won’t want to miss.


Electricity & Magnetism Science + Art

Learn about the science of circuits, electricity and magnets with these creative learning projects and ideas.

Alligator circuits– I loved making these little alligators that light up! Oh, my kids did, too! 😉

Magic Flying Carpet– Magnets are pretty magical!  You have to try out this cool flying carpet project.

Rudolph Pipe Cleaner Circuit– Make your own little light-up Rudolph with just a few simple supplies. Kids just love these!

Menorah Paper Circuit– Paper circuits are a great way to teach about electrical currents.

Origami Firefly Paper Circuits– This is one of my favorite paper circuit projects!  It’s cute and fun.

origami paper circuits science art

Animal Magnet Face Drawings– This one reminds me of the funny face toys they used to make when I was a kids. I loved those, and these are just as fun!

science art magnet animal faces

Science Art: Conductive Paint Circuits– This one took lots of trial and error, and it’s pretty cool!  You need to give it a try.

conductive painting with science and art!


Nature & Living Science Art

Do you love nature, biology and living science?  Read through this list of natural science art projects to get some great teaching ideas!

Build a Worm Tower– build and decorate a worm tower and learn more about these squirmy critters in the process.

Build a Bug Viewer– Create your own bug viewer for kids to catch and observe bugs!

Building Atomic Models– combine chemistry with your artistic abilities in this fun activity.

Water Striders– design a bug that can stand on water!

Rot Museum– ew!  This sounds awful, but it’s pretty awesome to learn about how food rots.

Edible Frog Life Cycle– Edible science is always fun. Cooking and designing your frogs is the art in this fun project.

Solar System in a Jar– create your own plants with clay and suspend them in a jar!

Solar System Ornaments– paint and design your own solar system ornaments!

Pressed Flower Pictures– learn about flowers, then make art with them!

Solar System Crayon Model– we loved making these recycled solar system inspired crayons!

science and art crayon solar system

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Mobile


Chemical & Physical Reactions

Sometimes we need a reaction to make learning really pop!  These science art projects all incorporate some sort of chemistry or have a physical reaction.  So fun!

How to Make Slime– slime is an art form, right?!  Love it or hate it, it’s a cool experiment to try!

Borax Crystals– beautiful, colorful and science, too!

Dry Ice Smoking Dragon– This project was the best!  You just have to try it out…


Paintball Bombs– This paintball science art project was a creation we just loved making again and again!

paintball science art


Astronaut Ice Cream– create your own form of astronaut ice cream and learn the science behind it!

science art you can eat- astronaut ice cream

Erupting Dinosaur Slime– more slime?  But this one erupts!  It’s cool.


Rock Candy– edible, and beautiful all at once!

Edible science art~ kool-aid rock candy

Watercolor and Salt Snowflake– Kids LOVE this one!  We’ve done it many times. Aren’t they lovely?!


Alcohol & Watercolor Paintings– This science art project is just so beautiful, plus lots of fun to create.

science art: alcohol and watercolor painting

Christmas Science: Grow a Crystal Tree– These crystal trees are fascinating to watch grow and turn out so beautiful!

Rock Candy Geodes– grow your own edible geodes!  🙂  Yes, please!

Edible Slime from Starburst Candy – This is a tasty science art project your kids will beg to do!

Color & Light Projects

You can do some cool science art projects using color and light!  Have fun exploring these ideas.

Color Mixing With Light– color mixing with lights is not the same as with paints. Help kids learn why!

science art with color and light

Science of Color Mixing Art Project– What is the science behind color mixing?  Learn here!

Glowing Invisible Ink Secret Messages– did you know THIS ingredient glows?!

science and art with invisible ink

Rainbow Color Mixing in Bubble Wrap– this bubble wrap is harder to find these days, but it’s sure fun when you get some!

science art color mixing in bubble wrap

Awesome Rainbow Experiments with Kids -Learn to make rainbows in lots of ways!

rainbow science art

Ice Painting– learn about states of matter and color with this extra fun ice painting craft.

states of matter science art

Rainbow Density Experiment– learn about color mixing as well as density with this fun activity.

rainbow science art- density project

Rainbow Play Dough Color Mixing– Make your own play dough and learn about the color wheel, and color mixing with this science art project!

science art color mixing with play dough

Mixing Colors Science Project: Pattern Projectors– Color, design and light combine to make this science art project extra fun!



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