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Chemistry Experiments for Middle School or High School

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As you may know we love science around here. We particularly love chemistry. It can be hard to find good chemistry experiments for older kids. As kids get older and still want to do cool chemistry experiments, it becomes more and more challenging to find safe ones that are not too complicated to do.

Kiwi Co. has developed a series of Chemistry lab sets that are amazingly fun for middle school and high school aged kids. They kindly sent us some to try out and share here with you and I am excited to do so!

Chemistry Experiments for ages 14+

Chemistry Experiment Sets

There are three different chemistry experiment sets from Kiwi Co. They have created the Fire Lab, Vortex lab, and Glow Lab sets.  What I most love about these sets is that all of the ingredients and supplies are included.  So many times there are experiments that I want to try but the ingredients end up being too expensive to purchase for just one experiment.  With these Chemistry experiment sets, you get all of it in one box and don’t have to hunt down any hard to find things.

Chemistry experiments for middle and high schoolers

They come in nice little packaged sets with all of the instructions and supplies in small quantities.

glow lab supplies

There are so many fun sets like this for younger kids, so I am excited to see some chemistry experiment kids that work well for middle school or high school aged kids!

We tried out each of the labs and I want to show you what they are all like. Each one was so much fun in its own way and had experiments that wowed the kids (and the adult) in the room.

The Glow Lab

This lab included an amazing spiral stand and lots of glow-in the dark chemicals as well as a UV flashlight to make it all glow. It covered three different glowing experiments:  fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence all in this kit.

chemistry glow experiments

We got to mix different chemicals and fluids to make different types of glowing solutions. There were enough materials intros kit to do the experiments several times, and we did!  It was amazing watching the glowing liquid spiral down the tubes!

chemistry glow experiments

The Fire Lab

This fire chemistry lab was a fun one because what kids don’t get excited to play with fire?  I had to set some extra rules on this one so our house didn’t burn down. (Just kidding, it is completely safe, my son just got a little TOO excited with some of these experiments.)

chemistry fire lab

There were 7 different experiments or activities included with this kit. We got to burn different chemicals that made the fire turn cool colors. That’s what everyone loved most. There are also experiments with burning steel wool, putting out a candle by covering it with a jar, and more!

fire chemistry lab

My son was excited to use some of the leftover parts from this in his scout campout fires the following weekend and show off to his friends all that he learned in this fire lab!

fire chemistry lab

The Vortex Lab

This chemistry experiment kit make a spinning cyclone that was so fun to watch!  The kids start by building the stand and adding in the electrical components.  I like that they add that aspect to it as well. It makes it a bit more challenging for older kids.

vortex lab

They have this little magnetic spinner that creates a spinning vortex in the beaker! You use it to mix different chemicals that have color changing reactions.  It was another exciting one that was repeated a few times in our house.

vortex chemistry experiments

If you are looking for chemistry experiments for middle schoolers or high schoolers, these are definitely worth looking into. We had a great time with the labs and would definitely be interested in purchasing more if they create more of them!  You can find all three of the Chemistry Experiment Sets on the Kiwi Co. Website.

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