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How to Make a Geoboard

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a geoboard?  A geoboard is a board with pegs that you can use to wrap rubber bands around. They are perfect for math lessons and for play activities!

Yes, you can make a geoboard yourself and it is quite easy. Your kids will love to play with it, too.

This was a VERY simple craft that took me about 5 minutes! I have been wanting one for a while, but I just haven’t bought one yet. I was standing in the thrift store staring at this board, trying to figure out what to do with it, when VOILA!  It came to me.  🙂

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Materials Needed to Make a Geoboard:

1 Package push pins (or about 25) You can also use small nails.

1 Package of rubber bands

1 Wooden Board  (Grab a piece from the scrap section of the hardware store!)


Graph paper


Steps To Make a Geoboard:

The first step is to cut and paint your board if you want to. You can choose the size you want it to be. Larger will just require more pegs.

Next, lay the graph paper down on the board and mark with little circles where you want your pins to go. Make sure it is even. That’s where the graph paper comes in handy. YOU can use the squares as a guide to get the pegs all even with one another.

how to make a geoboard

Now, keeping the graph paper on your board, you will lightly hammer the push pins into the circles you have made. Be sure not to hammer all the way down just yet.

make a geoboard

Then, starting down the center of a row of pins create a rip in the graph paper and pull off, one row at a time.
how to make a geoboard

Finally, once you have all of your paper off you can hammer in the pins to the board. Make sure to get them in straight!
make a homemade geoboard

how to make a geoboard

So, there you have it! An easy peasy geoboard, and made for less than $2!


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