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Pirate Treasure Hunt for Kids

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Make a fun pirate treasure hunt with your kids.  They will love you for it!  Also see my post on Making Pirate Treasure Map of Your Yard  with Google Maps.

Pirate treasure hunt in yard for kids
It is a very regular occurrence for my kids to ask me to make them a treasure hunt.  I’m not sure why they love it so much, but they do.  (Maybe because the treasure is usually candy or fruit snacks.)
Well, yesterday, they asked again.  This time, I made a treasure hunt map of our back yard.   I also recently purchased these fun goody bags from the Target dollar spot with a pirate theme- perfect for a treasure hunt!  But any baggies or a pirate themed gift bag will work. I used these bags for the clues and also for the prizes.
pirate treasure hunt for kids

How I Made A Pirate Treasure Hunt for My Kids:

I drew a rough sketch of our back yard and used a ruler to draw the grid.  I labeled the top with numbers and the side with letters so they had to match up the coordinates.
Each clue was located in a certain coordinate (B5).  They had to figure out the coordinate and find the next clue. (I’m sneaking in some geography teaching & map reading skills, too!  See what I did there?!)
pirate map of back yard
The final clue had one more little job for them.  They had to assemble a puzzle to see the treasure.  I also included some candy with the treasure.  It would be fun to get some gold coins, too!
To make a puzzle like this, I used jumbo popsicle sticks and glued a picture onto it- from clip art.
treasure hunt puzzle
Once the glue was dry, I cut between the sticks.
treasure hunt puzzle
The kids had a blast!  They are still telling me today that they loved my treasure hunt.  They even created their own pirate treasure hunt maps and played treasure hunt for a while after.
treasure hunt map kids drawings
To make it more fun, we have these great pirate books.  My kids think they are hilarious. They are really cute stories!
How to make a pirate treasure map of your yard with Google maps

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