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LDS Homeschool Curriculum: Nurturing Mind and Spirit

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If you are an LDS homeschool parent looking for curriculum that aligns with your faith and values, I have a list here of some of the wonderful LDS Homeschool Curriculum choices available for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

LDS homeschool curriculum

Most homeschool curriculum options are either some form of evangelical Christian denominations or are secular. Christian homeschool curriculum options will have a different view of faith than those of the LDS faith. Secular curriculum will usually have big-bang theory and other topics that we may not agree with. With either of these you will need to explain your different beliefs. There are some curriculum options that leave out religious beliefs all together.

There is no wrong or right choice, you just will want to be aware of what you are using to teach your children. If you are leaning to something that aligns with your faith and teaches basic gospel concepts along with academics, you’ll want to read on.

This post will not be for everyone!  First, I’d love to tell you some of the benefits of using an LDS homeschool curriculum.

Integrating Faith & Learning with LDS Homeschool Curriculum

The amount of families homeschooling has really exploded recently. So many people are deciding to pull their kids out of the public schools.  Latter-day Saint homeschoolers want a more personalized and values-driven style of learning. Families who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are always searching for LDS homeschool curriculum options, just as other Christians are seeking options that align with their faith. We all want to teach our children with our values in mind.

For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), homeschooling gives the opportunity to integrate faith and academics through LDS homeschool curriculum. You can combine academic subjects with the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ. This creates an environment where children can develop both academically and spiritually.

One of the main advantages of using an LDS homeschool curriculum is the ability to  weave religious principles into various subjects. Whether you are learning history, science, language arts, or mathematics, curriculum can bring together teachings from the scriptures and LDS Church leaders. This helps children to find connections between their beliefs and the world around them, developing in them a deeper understanding and love of their faith.

History lessons may emphasize stories of faith, courage, and sacrifice from the scriptures, while science lessons can explore the wonders of the earth as God’s creation. By combining academics with religious study, children can develop a well-rounded world view.

Emphasis on Values and Character Development

An essential aspect of faith-based homeschooling is the emphasis on character development and values. Core values such as honesty, kindness, and service are woven into curriculum.  This helps teach kids to be more compassionate, to have a desire to love and serve those around them, and to be more like Christ.  Scripture stories and church history stories are full of inspiring individuals. Learning about them gives kids a desire to emulate them! It also helps them consider how their faith and their learning can align.

Strengthening Family Bonds

Homeschooling gives families an opportunity to grow together both academically and spiritually. Learning is a shared experience, giving parents the chance to be fully engaged in their children’s education. Family prayer, scripture study, and discussions about gospel principles can be seamlessly integrated into the daily routine. This creates a strong sense of family unity and shared purpose.

LDS Homeschool Curriculum Options

Following is a list of all of the LDS focused homeschool curriculum that I am aware of. If you know of others, please be sure to let me know so I can add it to the list!

The Mindful Heart– This is a newer homeschool curriculum. It is a beautiful one for LDS families!   We have used these lesson plans a little and enjoyed what we did use.  I’m also partial because they recommend using my Math Art book in their math section! 🙂

American Heritage School Online:  The American Heritage school is a private school near me that offers LDS focused online classes for all grades. Their program for grades K-8 is called LiftEd, has online courses and is an interactive program with other learners in the program.  They also have a fully accredited high school option. Also available is their parent-led curriculum called Family School.

Walk Beside Me Learning (formerly called Life School)- This is an LDS gospel based homeschool curriculum created by Patti Landes Adams.  It is built on the foundation of the scriptures, giving the child a sense of who he is and setting him on the path of discovering his divine mission. It is presented in a four year chronological rotation, integrating all areas of study to create a clear picture of the history of our world.

Well Educated Heart– (aka- Libraries of Hope) While this is NOT LDS focused, it was created by someone who is. Marlene Peterson is the founder and she is dedicated to building a community of families who are learning to restore the lost art of educating hearts through the arts.

She seeks to preserve a culture of faith, freedom and family and a love of the good, the true and the beautiful. This method and these resources have been a big focus in our homeschool.

The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum- This is NOT an LDS curriculum, but I want to mention it because the original creator is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Jenny Phillips started the company. The curriculum aligns with broad Christian values. We use their language arts and math curriculum in our homeschool and love it.

Covenant Land– I was on the team that created this. Covenant Land is a family study book teaching lessons of liberty and light to bless our homes.  It has 152 easy lessons to use in teaching children the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the inspired founding of the United States of America. It incorporates scriptures and quotes from prophets and apostles.

BYU Independent Study– 220+ online courses for high schoolers

Liahona Preparatory Academy– is an LDS private school in Utah, but they also have online distance learning. The mission of Liahona Preparatory Academy is to assist parents in educating their children in the fundamentals of the arts, letters, and sciences while integrating the truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They strive to provide an LDS Based Education by infusing secular knowledge with LDS doctrine and values so that students might integrate all understanding in the context of the eternal. They call this “Restoration Education.”

Ensign Peak Academy– Is an accredited online private K-12 school serving members and friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

learn to read using the Book of Mormon

Learn to Read Using the Book of Mormon– While this is not a full curriculum, it is a wonderful option to use with kids learning to read. It’s a great resource!

Kimber Academy– The curriculum of Kimber Academy focuses on God, Family, and Country – restoring what has been lost or ignored in so many other educational systems.  They offer online classes as well as curriculum to purchase and use at home.

Church Magazines- these are wonderful resources to add into your homeschool days.

Resources and Support for LDS Homeschoolers

Need more tips or a support group?  There are so many Latter-day Saint families homeschooling!   You can find whole Facebook groups dedicated to homeschoolers who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There are also many local communities of homeschool moms, and support groups where parents can connect, share ideas, and seek advice from other LDS homeschoolers. We are part of a wonderful LDS-focused co-op group that we love dearly!  Wherever you are, you can create your own network and homeschool community of like-minded people whether in person or online. There are also some annual conferences for LDS homeschoolers.

I hope this list of LDS homeschool curriculum options has helped you as you choose your learning path!

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