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You’ve Been Booed Printable for Halloween

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Halloween time can be a fun time to bring the neighborhood together. Have you ever been boo’ed by your neighbors?  I have a cute new You’ve Been Boo’ed Printable ghost for you to give it a try!


you've been boo'ed printable

You’ve Been Boo’ed!

Have you heard of this fun halloween tradition?  The You’ve been Boo’ed is a great activity for families with kids or for neighbors who might need little cheering up in October. We like to start it in early October so it has time to make it around the neighborhood before Halloween night. Add this fun tradition to your neighborhood this year!

How to Boo Your Neighbors:

you've been boo'ed treat

Print out the cute You’ve Been Boo’ed printable signs that I created.  It is 2 pages long. (Download below) One page has a cute ghost that says: “We’ve Been Boo’ed”.  This one goes in the window or on the front door of the people who receive it.  The second page is instructions  telling them to pass it along and boo another two friends or neighbors.

Drop off a little basket or plate of halloween treats or goodies on the front porch of your neighbors along with the two You’ve Been Boo’ed papers.  You can give halloween candy, homemade treats, a small gift (drop by Dollar Tree and pick up little holiday items such as stickers, pencils, bubbles, or coloring books or other fun things for little kids), a pumpkin carving kit, or whatever you think they would like. This will definitely vary based on who you are giving the boo basket to.

Put it in a small basket, a bucket, or on a plate depending on what you are giving.

Ring their doorbell or knock and run away!

we've been boo'ed sign

The fun part about this tradition is that eventually these Boo signs can spread halloween cheer to the whole neighborhood! Happy booing!

Download your You’ve Been Boo’ed free printable sign now! (This is a PDF file)

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