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Gross Halloween Party Food

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If you are having a Halloween party and need some gross Halloween party food, you have come to the right spot.  We recently came across a fun cookbook at our library called The Gross Cookbook by Susanna Tee. I though it would be the perfect thing to try out some of these foods with my kids during the Halloween season.  For more Halloween food ideas, also check out my Jell-O Spiders & my Funny Face Veggie Platter.

The Gross Cookbook has foods like Big Green Boogers, Bloody Intestines, Human Brain and more!  What I love about it is that it also shows some real things people eat around the world that we in America find disgusting, such as chewy caterpillars, fish eyeballs and stinking fruit.


The Gross Cookbook

We tried out a couple of the recipes from this book and want to share the gross awesomeness with you today!

Gross Halloween Party Food Recipes

We made Jelly Worms in Dirt, Frog Eggs and Cockroaches.

Jelly Worms in Dirt Recipe

jello worms in oreo dirt

2 large packages of a red Jell-O (we used raspberry)
2 c.  Boiling Water
3/4 c.  Cold Water
1 c.  Cream
100 Bendy Plastic Straws
1 Large jar, or empty cardboard juice/milk carton
1 package of Oreos

Make the Jell-O by putting you packets into a large bowl or jumbo measuring cup with a spout. Pour in the boiling water and stir until dissolved. Stir in the cold water and let it cool to room temperature.

making jello worms

While it is cooling, bundle all of the straws together with a rubber band and place them into a large container that is just a little taller than the straws. IF you wrap them in plastic wrap, they will be much easier to remove later.

Add the cream to the Jell-o and pour it into the straws, filling them all the way up.

making jello worms with straws

Refrigerate for 2 or 3 hours.

Make the Dirt

This is just Oreo cookies pulsed in a food processor. Easy, right?!

oreo dirt cup

Removing the Worms

Once your worms are chilled, squeeze them out of the straws. This is a bit tricky, but kids love doing it, so put them to work! IT helps to run the outside of the straws under warm water to loosen them.

Assemble them by filling a bowl or cup with dirt and adding in some worms!  Our worms were a bit fragile, but fun to make and eat for the kids. You could obviously replace this with gummy worms, but these look so much more real.

jello worms in oreo dirt

Frog Eggs Recipe

4 Tbsp Chia seeds
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Honey, Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar
1 c. Milk (we used coconut milk)
Sprig of rosemary or other edible greens

Put the chia seeds in a bowl or a jar. Mix in the other ingredients. Let them soak for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.


Spoon into small bowls or jars and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

edible frog eggs- gross halloween food

Also check out my Edible Frog Life Cycle!


Edible Cockroaches Recipe

Dried Dates
Pill & Peel Licorice
Nut Butter or cream cheese (optional)

date cockroaches with licorice

If you want, slice open one side of the dates, remove the pits, and stuff them with nut butter or cream cheese. This is optional, but extra tasty!  You can also just leave them as-is.

Use a toothpick to make 6 small holes along the two sides of the dates.


Cut the licorice into small 1-2 inch pieces to use as the legs and poke them into the holes in the dates.

making date cockroaches

Easy peasy and oh so tasty!  (I am a little obsessed with dates.)

halloween food- date cockroaches


The frogs and bugs pictured are from our life cycle sets. These were just our fun added touch.

gross halloween party food for kids

Ready to try our gross Halloween Party Food yet?  They actually all taste quite good, I promise. 🙂

Gross halloween party food

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  1. What fun and gross food. We used to do that kind of thing when the kids were younger. Now, they are teens and much more interested in making crazy costumes to walk in the Halloween parade.
    Blessings, Dawn

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