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Geography Projects From A to Z

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Have you seen the book Geography from A to Z by Jack Knowlton?  It is a really fun book that describes different landforms around the world.  There are 63 different ones.  Each letter lists different ones like Atoll, Archipelago, Gulch, Badland, and Isthmus.  It gives simple explanations as well as pictures so the kids can easily learn what they are.  We have been reading this book in school and decided it would be fun to create some of the things as we read about them. So we are starting to do geography projects from A to Z!


We recently got together with my sister, who also homeschools her children and decided to build some landforms out of play dough.  This time we learned about Atoll (A ringlike coral island and reef that nearly or entirely encloses a lagoon) and Archipelago (A large group of islands).

We had fun creating them~ the kids really enjoyed making them.  When you do a hands-on project, it tends to stay with them longer.

We’ll be doing more of these fun projects…stay tuned for the next letter!

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