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Eric Carle Grouchy Ladybug Activity ~Clock Stories

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I adore Eric Carle Books.  We have a LOT of them.  Yesterday, I was thinking of a fun project we could do related to math & stories~ I like to bring the two together whenever possible.  We all enjoy a good story about math, right?  So I came up with an Eric Carle Grouchy Ladybug activity that my kids would love to do… Since the Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle is all about telling time,  how fun to do a little project related to telling time!!  We made some Grouchy Ladybug clock stories!

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We made a Grouchy Ladybug Clock story!  It was so much fun.  My kids really got into it! First we got out our little play clock and write the numbers around the face of the clock.  I showed them how certain numbers are directly across from each other to help them make it a little more even when writing the numbers.

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After we made our clock face, we started reading the book.  Each page it tells the time the ladybug did something with a little picture of a clock showing that time.  So every time it told a time in the book, we found it on our clock and set the play clock to that time.  Then we drew a picture of what the Grouchy Ladybug was doing at that time.

Another fun thing we love about this book is the way you see the sun go up and down as the day goes on in the book.  It’s a great way to teach about the rotation of the earth at the same time!

Even baby bear wanted to get in on the action.  He had to have his own plate to color!

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