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Power Hour for Mom- Why I Can’t Live Without It

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I get asked all of the time how i can handle having my kids with me all the time. How do I get anything done?  How do I get any alone time?  Well, I don’t get a ton done always, but I do something every day the helps me more than anything else could. I call it my Power Hour.  When I miss this time, the whole rest of my day suffers. Let me tell you about how my power hour works, and maybe you can find something that works for you.

Mom Power Hour- What is it & why I can't live without it

What is My Power Hour?

I wake up EARLY. But, I have always been a morning person, so that works for me. If you are not a morning person, you can make it work according to your schedule! I am always up by 5 am. I have this internal clock that just wakes me up. Often, I am even up by 4:30!  I know I am crazy. But, I take advantage of my crazy body clock by making it the best part of my day.

I have this big comfy chair with a reading lamp by it in our living room. Right next to that is a bookshelf full of my current little stack of books that I am reading.  When I get up, nobody else in the house is stirring, so I use it as my precious study time. It is a peaceful, beautiful time and I think I would not be a very nice person without it!

Now, I’ll tell you what I do, but I have to tell you this is a personal time and if it is something you want to implement, you have to make it work for your needs. I am a very religious person. You may not know a lot about that from my posts because I keep it quite private. My faith is just that, personal. However it is a major part of who I am. If you want to learn more about my faith, you can read this post that I wrote. So, this morning time that I have carved out for myself is largely focused on religious study.

Each morning I start by reading my scriptures. I am LDS and study both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I try to read a few chapters each day and really study it and ponder it and learn how it applies to my life. I always find things that help me through whatever situation I am struggling with at the time. I get a monthly subscription to a religious magazine called the Ensign, that I love so much (it is all free online, too). This is also part of my morning study time. Then I read some of whatever books I am reading or studying at the time. I always have a few books of different genres going at once.

Books I Am Reading Now:

Battle Plan For Prayer- read during power hour

The Battle Plan for Prayer – This book is based on the movie The War Room. It is INCREDIBLE and is changing the way I approach prayer!

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World– Wow!  I have only just started this one, but I was drawn in instantly!

Plutarch's Lives

Plutarch’s Lives– This is for my goal of reading the Great Books of the Western World. I have to admit, this one has been a huge challenge!!

How Not to Die

How Not to Die– This is a health book that is also rocking my world! This guy is brilliant and I am learning so much from it. Read more about my health journey HERE.

Why Have a Power Hour?

I’ve told you, I am not a nice person when this part of my day does not happen. I crave personal study time. It enhances my life and makes me a better person, a better parent and a better teacher to my kids. Being a homeschool parent is hard. I need to constantly be enriching myself to help me have the strength I need to be the best I can.

Maybe you think I am crazy to crave learning and study time, but I have to tell you it is AWESOME!  When I have this focused time alone, I feel ready to tackle my day. I am ready for the padding of little feet as they come down the hall and climb into my chair with me. I am happy to greet them because I feel prepared for my day.

Want to make it happen?  Here is what I recommend:

First, figure out a time to make it happen. The early morning works for me because I am awake and alone. Find a time in your day that fits those qualifications. Being alone is important so you can truly have uninterrupted time to make it meaningful. Do your kids have a nap time or quiet time in the afternoon when you would not be interrupted? Maybe your time is in the evening after the kids are in bed.

Second, I would recommend deciding what your Power Hour would look like. It will be completely different for each person. What matters most to you? What grounds you and centers you? If you are not religious, maybe it is meditation and reading time. Maybe you need a focused WORK time. Whatever it is. make it happen. Schedule it in.

And Third, find a place that works in your home for study. I like my chair, but maybe you would just fall asleep in a big comfy chair! It works well because I also have my bookshelf there to store my study materials. Consistency is key because it makes it easier, and you are more likely to stick with it.

One Last Tip: 

I made a rule for myself that study time comes first in my day. I am often tempted when I wake up to jump right on to my computer or iPad and start with my email. I get sidetracks WAY too easily and end up missing my Power Hour if I do this. Then I get frustrated with myself. I do not allow myself to turn on any tech devices until I ave completed my morning study. Sometimes I break that rule, but for the most part, it works perfectly for me!




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