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Kid-Friendly Videos

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in behalf of Highbrow. I received a free subscription and am being compensated for my time in writing this post All opinions are my own. 

Do you fear letting your kids roam free on You-Tube, but wish they could watch the GOOD stuff on there safely?  I think that all the time. There are some great educational videos online, but I never feel I can leave my kids unattended on there. There is a fabulous website that has solved that problem called Highbrow. They take all the awesome educational kid-friendly videos from online as well as some that are created just for them by teachers and put them all in one place!!

Hand-picked kid-friendly videos

Using Highbrow for Kid-Friendly Videos:

Highbrow is a subscription site and what they do is pretty impressive!  It is geared towards kids ages 1-13. It is 100% kid-friendly, and I do not have to worry at all about what they watch there. You can set up an account for each child and hand-pick the videos you want your kids to watch. They have videos on all different topics and subject areas including art, science, math, health, and foreign language.

When you set up a child’s account, you can select videos for a certain age category. Then you can also select videos by topic. I set up three different child accounts. For each one I can choose videos that I know will interest that particular child. For instance, for my preschooler, I chose videos related to the alphabet, shapes and music/movement activities. He was so excited to have movies that were just for him!  My 7-year-old daughter loves art. There is a huge selection of drawing videos that she watched and had a blast doing!  My oldest loved the Steve Spangler science videos and the Grammaropolis videos a lot! Even though I tailored each account to the kids, they all seem to gather around and watch what the others were watching anyway.

safe kid-friendly videos


Once you assign videos to the kids, they can log in to their own personal account, and those are the only things they can watch. They can’t roam around and choose other things. This keeps them focused just on the things you would like them to learn about. When they watch them, they are give awards and stars in the different categories.

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Kid-Friendly Video Subscription:

A monthly subscription is just $8/month and an annual subscription is $60/year, making it just $5/month! And they have a free trial so you can check it out first. Check out Highbrow Now!

And you can also follow them online:


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