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Homemade Travel Pouch (One-Stitch!)

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I have had this little mini homemade travel pouch in my car’s glove box for years.  I use it as a car first aid kit.  I made it a really long time ago and was thinking about how fun and easy it is to put together.  I wanted to show it to you guys today because I think this homemade travel pouch is so versatile and useful!  Plus, the easiest part is that it is made with just ONE stitch!!  If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can do it by hand as well. This little pouch could be used as a makeup bag, a first-aid kit, a snack pouch for your kids, or a purse organizer. Really, you could use it for any purpose!

One-stitch Travel Pouch from Teach Beside Me

How To Make the One-Stitch Homemade Travel Pouch:

All you will need is one fabric hot pad (Square or rectangular will work), some snack size ziplock baggies (I used 8), and a button. You can even get a hot pad at the dollar store!

how to make a homemade travel pouch

Line up the ziplock bags with half on each side. The ends need to be overlapping just a little bit as seen in the image.

homemade travel pouch

Pin them in place because sewing them can be a bit tricky a they are slippery.

making a homemade travel pouch

Sew a zig-zag stitch straight down the middle. Back-stitch at the beginning and end to secure the thread.

sew one stitch

Now you can hand-sew on a button- or of you would rather hot-hue it, that will hold as well!  That will really make it just a one-stitch project.

sew on the button

Now, decide what it’s purpose is. My old one is full of useful first-aid items that I tend to regularly need while out and about: tylenol, bandaids, etc… I think this one will be my new purse organizer! But, do with it what YOU will! 🙂

One-Stitch Homemade Travel Pouch from Teach Beside Me

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  1. Brilliant! 🙂 I love simple projects like that. We have a larger bag made with ziplocks sewn inside that we got in a busy bag swap years ago. I’ve used it myself for traveling, and it’s also a great bag for stuff to keep kids busy in the car.

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