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Fun Ways to Teach Division to Kids

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Are you struggling with how to teach division?  Do you have a learner who is just not getting it?  I understand. We are there, too! So I decided to do a little work and figure out some Fun Ways to Teach Division to Kids.

I have a whole bunch of division teaching resources to help you teach your kids the basics of division. Hopefully these will make math a little more interesting in your home or classroom! Maybe you can reduce the tears a little, too. ( also, be sure to check out my post on Fun Ways to Teach Multiplication to Kids and my Fun Ways to Teach Fractions post, too!)

division to beginners

My son is beginning to learn division. He is having a hard time understanding the concept, so I decided to try out a few things to help him. I want to get him over the fear of it. We started by playing a simple game. I gave him 30 plastic beads and a mini muffin tin. He had to divide the beads between the slots evenly.

We started with dividing between 2 spots only, then moved up in numbers. If there were any left over, we talked about remainders. Then we reduced the number of beads and tried it again. We tried it with our Unifix math cubes as well. Using manipulates seemed to really make it click for him.

basic division ideas

Division Worksheets & Printables:

Math Fact Families Printable
I made a free set of Math Fact Family Cards ! You’ll love them. 

Also check out my Division Matching Puzzles!

Division Matching Puzzles (With Money)

The Worksheet Place has free worksheets to download.
Division Magic Squares from HoJo’s Teaching Adventures
Division Hint Sheet from Classroom Freebies Too
Pizza Division on Teacher’s Notebook
Tons of cool math printables from Practical Pages
Division Bang Game from Hunter’s Teaching Tales
Burst the Balloons Division Game from Teachers Pay Teachers
Math Facts Cards from Donna Young
What’s My Share from Teachers Pay Teachers

Learning Division On YouTube:  

Youtube always has so many fun ideas for teaching things. This is one of my go-to spots when we need a little extra with a subject we are struggling with. These videos will definitely make division more fun!

Learning Apps to Teach Division:

Are you a tech-junkie like me?  We REALLY like learning apps. I schedule learning games into my kids school schedule each day. They have folders for different subjects. This is a list of some good apps to practice division. And since it is technology, it’s always a little more fun.

Books on Division:

Math books are great for learning new things. They tell stories that interest the kids and they often do not realize they are learning new facts. This is a great selection of division books that will help your kids grasp the concept better.

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