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Division Matching Puzzles With Money

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We are working on division these days at our house, so there may be a few posts on division in the near future!  This week I made a set of division matching puzzles that match up different money puzzles.

division matching puzzles

This division matching puzzles set is great for practice with division problems with kids. Each puzzle match has a word problem.

For example:

“A pack of four pinwheels costs $8.  How much does each one cost?”

Then you just have to match it to the answer! These are great to help kids to understand how to figure out the prices of different items.  Some of my prices are realistic, but others are just for practice! (Paperclips are NOT $5 each!)

There are 10 different puzzle sets to use for division practice. They are all in black and white to make it easier to print, but we used colored paper to make it more fun!

Want to Print the Division Matching Puzzles?


Interested in more division learning ideas?  Check out my post on Fun Ways to Teach Division to Kids!

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