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FUN Fact Family Math Presents

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With the holidays heading our way, I wanted to give you a fun math activity to try with your kids. These Fact Family Math Presents have been on my to-do list for a few years, and am finally getting to them! I am excited to finally bring them to you.

fact family math presents

These presents do not have to be limited just to the holidays, though! You can use them any time of year, birthdays would be great!

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What is a Fact Family?

A fact family is a group of three math equations that all use the same set of numbers. Fact families show the relationship between the three numbers being solved. When doing fact families, there are four “sentences” created using three numbers. Following are some examples of how they work.

addition subtraction multiplication division fact families

Addition & Subtraction Fact Family Example:  5+1= 6, 6-1= 5, 1+5= 6, 6-5=1

For Multiplication and Division fact families, it works the same way. You have four sentences using three numbers, two are multiplied and two are divided.

Multiplication and Division Fact Family Example: 3×5=15, 5×3=15, 15÷3=5, 15÷5=3

It’s a really good way to help kids grasp numbers and their relationship to each other. You can use them to teach basic addition and subtraction. They are also great to help kids with their multiplication math facts.

Fact Family Math Presents

Christmas fact families

The printable presents include an addition and subtraction version as well as a multiplication and division version. The presents are blank, so you can choose any numbers to fill in as needed. Use them to practice the numbers your kids need help with.

Each present has four sections, so you can practice two addition (or multiplication) problems as well as two subtraction (or division) problems.

Write the numbers you are targeting on the bow so kids know what numbers to use.

I printed mine on Christmas colored papers, but you can use any colors, or just white. A good option for these is to laminate them to make them re-usable. Then you don’t waste an entire page on just one set of facts.

fact families blank white

I also made pages with four presents per page to allow you to practice a few problems at once.

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christmas math- fact family presents

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