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Leaf Shape Scavenger Hunt

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Summer time is the perfect opportunity to really do a ton of nature learning activities. We also love studying leaves in the Autumn!  Today I have a cute little Leaf Shape Scavenger Hunt for you to do with your kids on your next nature outing. My son and I had fun doing this together in our backyard one afternoon.

nature study leaf shape hunt for kids

Leaf Shape Scavenger Hunt

leaf shape scavenger hunt

This leaf scavenger hunt activity is a little like a bingo game, but with leaves. It is great for preschoolers, kindergarten aged kids or other elementary students. No matter the grade kids are in, it’s a fun teaching activity.

While we did this activity win the Summer when I created it, it’s good seasonal fun for the Autumn season as well. Maybe you could try it both times with the changes of the season and compare!

There is a small grid of leaf images that kids can use to hunt down their own leaves on the printable page. Grab a bag or a basket and go out collecting. Kids will love being little nature detectives trying to find all of the leaves on the page! As they discover the leaves on the page, they can color them in, mark them with a bingo dauber or place an X across the image. You may want to attach the paper to a clipboard to make it easier for them.

This little leaf shape hunt only has a few leaf shapes, there are obviously way more than what is on this paper. However, this is a great activity for young kids learning shapes and learning about different types of leaves! They can decide which leaves they find that most closely represent the ones on the paper. Pine needles are not on this shape hunt, but it would be a fun extra to add in.

This leaf shape hunt is a great outing to get kids out of the classroom for a little while.  You’ll need to be able to go to a location that has various types of trees and bushes.

If you are a homeschooler, take it on your next hike, park outing or family nature walk. Homeschool children will have a blast with this one, too.

More Leaf Hunt Activities for Kids:

Here are a few more ways to learn and explore with the leaf shape hunt!

  • Kids can sort the leaves in order of their favorite leaves to least favorite leaves, or from smallest to biggest.
  • Leaves come in so many vibrant colors in Autumn.  Have kids collect different colored leaves- yellow leaves, green leaves, brown leaves, orange and red leaves.
  • Make leaf rubbings of the leaves they collect.
  • Use the collected leaves in a sensory bin for your next preschool nature lesson.
  • Learn the parts of the plants as you study the leaves.  
  • Make leaf pictures after you collect them. See the book Leaf Man for inspiration!

Want to Print the Leaf Shape Hunt Page?

Print this leaf scavenger hunt out for your next leaf hunt!  It is in PDF format. Print it out on the paper of your choice and get outside!


Tree & Leaf Books for Kids

Since today’s leaf shape hunt post is part of the Nature Book Club, I get to give you a fun book recommendation to tie in with this activity. I usually have a hard time narrowing down my choice, especially when it comes to nature books!   So, today I have you a few great leaf book recommendations for you!

leaf shape hunt for kids

The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grownups
We’re Going on a Nature Hunt by Steve Metzger -Also a Leaf Hunt Version!
Peterson First Field Guides: Trees
A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry
The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Linnea’s Almanac by Cristina Bjork
Colorful Leaves by Maria Fleming
Trees, Leaves and Bark by Diane Burns
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert is a classic favorite about leaves!

Want More Fun Leaf Activities? Check these posts out, too!

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Today’s post is part of the Nature Book Club series that I have joined. This is a series of monthly posts by a great group of educational bloggers. Each month we share a post on a related topic tied into a book that we love. This month’s theme was Nature Hike or Nature Discovery. Check out below what the other bloggers have shared!

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