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Tree Nature Study

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This past month our preschool and 2nd grade science we have been doing a tree nature study. My two younger kids have been having a lot of fun learning about trees and I wanted to share a few of the fun things we have done in our tree nature study. We are using Nancy Larson Science Curriculum to guide us. I received this curriculum for free this year to share as we use it along the way. It is a pretty incredible homeschool science curriculum and is easy to just open and go. With Autumn in full swing, we have been really loving learning about trees- it is just the perfect time of year for it.

Tree Nature Study Ideas

Ideas for a Tree Nature Study:

We are learning the parts of trees by- Roots, Trunk, Branches, Bark, Leaves, Seeds

parts of a tree

We are learning about the different types of leaves- broad and thin, toothed, lobed, simple, compound

Tree nature study

We are learning different types of trees- deciduous & evergreen. We are also learning to identify the trees in our yard using our field guide.

learning about trees

We are drawing trees.

We are learning about what lives in or around trees (worms, squirrels, birds, bugs)

Tree study

We are doing nature rubbings of trees and leaves.

 Tree Rubbings


Tree Books for Tree Nature Study:

Tree Books for Kids

Peterson First Guide to Trees
The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree
The Tree Book for Kids and their Grownups
A Tree Can Be
This Tree Counts
Tell Me Tree: All About Trees for Kids
A Tree is a Plant
I Can Name 50 Trees Today
A Tree is Nice
Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Add a fun art element to your Tree Nature study! You can stamp tree rings with a sweet potato that has been spiralized. This was a FUN project for my son who really loves counting tree rings on our wood samples. No vegetable spiralizer? You can cut the patterns in yourself.

Tree Ring Stamping with Sweet Potatoes

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