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Cloud Shapes- 2D Shapes Name Cards

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It’s time for some messy learning!  Well, you can choose messy or not, but it definitely makes this cloud shapes with 2D shapes way more fun!

I made a set of Cloud Shape Cards with 2d Shape Names on them.  These can be used in a variety of ways. We went for messy play with this one, but it is definitely not a requirement to use these.cloud shapes with 2d shape cards.jpg

Cloud Shapes with 2D Shape Names

These cloud shape cards include 14 cards with 2d shape names to trace and the shapes are made out of clouds!

cloud shapes with shaving cream

The 2d Shapes included in this set are:


How to Use the 2D Cloud Shape Cards

These cards will print 2 per page, so you will want to cut them in half.  There are a few ways you can use them.

2d shapes clouds

We put them into a sheet protector and played with them using shaving cream. My kids had a BLAST doing this!

Shaving cream is tons of fun to play in. They traced the shapes and the names of the shapes in the shaving cream.

cloud 2d shapes in shaving cream

We got really messy, but the joy on their faces? Priceless!

shaving cream sensory learning

Some other ways to use the cards:

For a clean version, laminate the cards and write and trace the words or shapes with a dry erase marker.

Let kids color the clouds in with markers and write right on them.

Instead of shaving cream, try this with flour, rice or salt.

cloud 2d shapes

Want to Download the 2D Cloud Shapes?

You can download this activity for free now!  Sign up below to get instant access.

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