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Printable Math Fact Families Cards

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Math fact families are super duper cool, right?!  I love them. Well, ok, that is not completely true.  But, I want to love them and I want my kids to love them so I am making an interesting way to practice them for my people. Hopefully this will get them jumping for joy over math fact families!

Math Fact Family Cards

Did you forget what math fact families are?  That’s ok. I understand. Sometimes our mommy brains are full of too many things. A fact family is a collection of related addition and subtraction facts, or multiplication and division facts, made from the same numbers.

For example, for the numbers 5, 2, and 7, the addition/subtraction fact family consists of:

5 + 2 = 7
2 + 5 = 7
7 – 5 = 2
7 – 2 = 5

I saw these dry erase boards that Learning Resources sells and thought, “Oh, I can easily make that for my kids to save a few dollars!” So, I did. And now, you can save a few dollars, too! Just print away.

Math Fact Families Printable

You can totally make these dry erase by laminating them.  Making them reusable is great because you can try all different kinds of numbers and not need to waste tons of ink and paper.  Do you not own a laminator yet?  (I am sincerely sorry. I am practically crying right now over my jammed laminator. Can’t. Live. Without.)  So, if you unfortunately do not own a laminator (yet), just print a few copies and use one triangle per fact family. I put two on each page for you.  🙂

How to use the Math Fact Families Cards:

math fact families

There are addition and subtraction cards as well as multiplication and division cards. To use, choose 2 numbers to add/subtract/multiply or divide. and write them in the to corners of the same color. For instance: on the addition/subtraction one use the numbers 5 and 2. When they are added together they equal 7. So, 7 would be the third number to write in the yellow corner. Then on the lines, you write all the different ways to add or subtract those three numbers.

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  1. For the Math Fact Families, how many cards would I need to complete a multiplication chart that goes to 12? I want to make a set to work with a student who struggles specifically with division and the relation to multiplication.

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