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Post Office Activities for Kids

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I can’t wait to tell you about these fun post office activities for kids!  We had so much fun with them.  This week we are focusing on all of the community helpers, and today is the postal worker.  This fun printable set includes a mail delivery coordinate grid and a set of letter writing activities for kids.

post office coordinate grid & letter writing for kids

Post Office Activity~ Coordinate Grid Math Game

We’ll start with the Post Office Coordinate Grid Game.  This simple game teaches kids about alphanumeric grids.  It is so fun and easy to put together. coordinate grid math for kids

You just need to print the three different pages: the grid page, the instruction sheet and the page with the mail to deliver.

post office coordinate grid math with mail delivery

The postal worker has to deliver all of the mail on the instruction sheet by following the grid coordinates.  You can read them the instructions and they follow the path and deliver the mail to the spots.

post office coordinate grid math game

This is so fun for kids to feel like they are playing postal worker.  Two of my kids played this with me (ages 6 and 9)  and both loved it!

My printable includes this in both color and black and white.

Letter Writing Activities For Kids

post office activities- letters and dramatic play

The second part of this Post Office activity set is the letter writing set.

The printable pack includes post cards, fronts and backs of envelopes, pretend stamps, and letter writing templates.  There is also a post office mail box template in color and black & white to make your own mail box!

letter writing for kids- post office activities

This letter writing activity will work for kids a variety of ages. The letter writing templates are a bit more advanced. You can use the envelopes to practice addressing letters.

mail dramatic play

The post cards are perfect for younger kids to color and pretend to write letters to friends and family. My youngest went nuts over this and started writing letters and postcards to everyone she knew!  I love it when a little activity like this gets kids excited about writing.

letter writing activities for kids- addressing envelope

She put all of her letters into the post office box and then went about delivering them, too.  It’s a great dramatic play activity for young ones.

Want to Download These Post Office Activities for Kids?

You can grab these in my shop here:


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