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Animal Skeleton Matching Cards

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Animals have long been a favorite thing to learn about in our home. Check out these new Animal Skeleton Matching Cards I made for our lessons.

We have some animal x-ray cards that we bought years ago and my kids are just fascinated with them. They are called What’s Inside Animals. One side has the animal and the other side has the skeleton/x-ray. You can hold them up to the light and see through them. They are really cool!

I wanted to extend that learning and made some Animal Skeleton Matching Cards for my kids to play with.


Animal Anatomy: Animal Skeleton Matching Cards

I used 16 different animals for these printable animal skeleton cards. You can print them and cut them out to play with your kids. They are fun to use as a regular matching game or face up for kids that are younger.

Animal Anatomy for Kids

We also came across this awesome book called Bone by Bone that compares animal bones with human bones. It is cool and really helps kids learn a lot about al kinds of skeletons.  It goes along perfectly with our matching cards and our animal x-ray cards.

Animal Skeleton Matching Cards


Grab this printable in my shop:

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  1. Very cool, I especially loved the turtle and snake because they are both hard to predict by just looking at them what kind of bones they have. I downloaded for my 5 year old. She loves animal science and will like this. I’m going to be having a discussion with her based on the dog skeleton. We have 2 yorkie puppies, they are quite tiny and I am having to constantly tell my daughter to not hold them so tightly. I have tried explaining how their bones are so little, but now I’ll use your card to help her visualize what their bones actually look like and why we need to be so gentle with them.

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