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How to Draw Animals for Kids: Draw & Write Pages

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Want ideas and tutorials for how to draw animals for kids?

My kids LOVE the how to draw tutorials you can find online. They are always wanting to know how to draw animals. Today I have a printable step-by-step drawing pack for kids that teaches them to draw 10 different animals.

I wanted to make some drawing things for them, but I always like to add my own educational spin to things. So I added in writing and spelling. That’s how the draw and write pages were born!

If your kids love learning to draw animals like mine do, then you should definitely grab this! This is perfect for a fun handwriting or spelling lesson, too.

How to Draw Animals- Draw & Write Animals

When I was a kid we used to have tons of those how to draw books. I have a few of them from my childhood and have gotten a lot more of them for my own kids. My kids particularly love the Ed Emberly ones. It’s nice to have a few of these on hand for kids who love drawing.

These Printable How to Draw Animals Pages Come with 10 Animals:

How to Draw a Fish

How to Draw a Sheep

How to Draw a Cow

How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Dog

How to Draw a Cat

How to Draw a Bird

How to Draw an Elephant

How to Draw a Frog

How to Draw a Lion

How to draw animals for kids

Each printable page in this set has step-by step instructions teaching kids how to draw the animal. It has a large square where you can draw the animal. Then it has the word written out for kids to trace and learn the spelling.

These are so great for elementary aged kids. I have been using them with my son who is in 2nd grade and my 6th grade daughter loves them, too! Even my preschooler was begging to try them out.

How to draw animals- draw & write

I love it when you can combine a fun activity with an educational one (drawing and handwriting/spelling). Kids don’t feel like this is a chore or a hard thing for them to do. They are willing to do the handwriting which may normally be a chore!

I also love activities that help kids feel successful at a new skill. Drawing can be hard for kids to do, but these step-by step images help kids to draw animals more easily. MY kids were surprised by how well they could draw the animals pictured.

how to draw a dog

Want to Download the Printable Draw and Write Animal Pages?

This is available in my shop!

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