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Save The Snowman: Winter Learning Game

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Winter is settling in over here. We got our first snow this week, so I figured it was time for some winter learning games. I created this Save the Snowman Winter learning game for my kids.  They thought it was pretty fun! Plus, it is totally adaptable for different themes and seasons. (I was originally going to do this for Thanksgiving with a turkey, but just did get it done in time!)  (This post is sponsored by Elmer’s. I was given free product and was compensated for my time in writing it.) 

Save the Snowman-a Hands-on Learning Game for math or reading

How to Make The Snowman Winter Learning Game

Supplies Needed:
Disposable Cup
Colored Construction Paper
Buttons for Eyes
Small piece of fabric
Paper Straws
Elmer’s Glue Spots



To make the game, we first decorated our cup to look like a snowman. I love these Elmer’s glue spots because they make the whole process so simple! You just peel and stick! I even used it for the scarf.


This is where you can make different variations for holidays and seasons!  You could do a Thanksgiving Turkey, a Reindeer, a Penguin, a Dog, or anything really!  If you don’t want the extra step, leave the cup plain. The decorating part is the hardest part!

Easy snowman cup craft

Next, decide how you are using the game. We did it with some sight words and also some multiplication problems. You could put alphabet letters, vocabulary words, or anything you need practice with. Write those things on the straws.


(Don’t judge my handwriting!  It is hard to write on straws! 😉 )

Save the Snowman- a Learning Game. Balance it on straws and pull them out one at a time answering question on straw

To play Save the Snowman, lay the straws across the bowl and balance the snowman on top.

snowman learning game for kids

Pull out the straws one at a time and take out as many as you can before the snowman falls.  As you pull out the straws, they read the words on them, or if you use it as a math game, write math problems they need to solve. Challenge each other to see how many you can pull out before it falls!

Snowman winter learning game

Save the Snowman is a great hands-on winter learning game that all the kids will love!



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Looking for more holiday learning ideas?  Check out my latest book: STEAM Kids Christmas.


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    1. Great Idea! I will be using this with my 4th Grade class! This is how we will use it… If it is math, you pull the straw and answer the math problem written. If you’re correct you keep the straw. If it is with the words, and kids are small, they have to read the word. If used for spelling, a partner picks the straw and reads the word to the other partner. That partner must spell it correctly. If he/she does, he/she keeps the straw. When the snowman falls, the person with the most straws wins. I can see using this to practice vocabulary and answer comprehension questions for a text we are reading. Thanks for the idea!!

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