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Short Vowel CVC Word Worksheets

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My little Kindergartner is working on CVC words right now. I am excited to bring you a fun printable set of Short Vowel CVC Word  Worksheets.

What Are CVC Words?

In case you are new to this term, CVC stands for Consonant-Vowel-Consonant. They are 3-letter words with a vowel in the center of two consonants such as cap, fin or top.

These are the perfect words to use when teaching new readers. Learning to read can be difficult for so many kids, so using these small words are a good way to ease into reading and writing. They are easier to start with than sight words because they will have greater success when they try to read the words.

When To Teach CVC Words?

You can begin teaching cvc words when your little learners know their letter sounds. Once they learn the sounds of the letters, they can begin putting the sounds together and can read cvc words. As I said, we are working on them with my kindergartner, but you can gauge their readiness as you practice various phonics skills with your kids.

What’s Included in the Short Vowel CVC Word Worksheets

This printable set is 25 pages long. Each page has three pictures and each picture has a word bank of four words to read and choose the word that matches. All of the words in these worksheets are short vowel words.

With these worksheets, kids will practice reading and writing the words. Under the picture is a line to write the matching words.

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We’ve done some other CVC activities in the past. Check out my Short E CVC Words & my Short A CVC Words sets for more ideas on how to teach them. These printable sets both include word building (with letter tiles) and word building puzzles.

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