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Number and Color I Spy Game for Kids

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Do your kids love the game I Spy like mine do?  It is a great game to play anywhere and at any time.  Today I have a printable Number and Color I Spy Game for kids to share with you.  I thought it would be fun to add a little educational component to the regular I spy game for younger kids.

Color I-Spy Game for Kids

This fun game has 2 dice a number one and a color one. Both dice are 10-sided.  To play the game, you start by printing out the dice templates and the game sheet.  You’ll need a color printer for this one.

Next, you’ll need to build the dice by cutting them, folding on the lines, and taping them together.

To play, roll the two dice and then search for the number of things in the color you rolled.

For example: If you rolled a blue and a 3, you would collect or “spy” 3 blue things.

i spy color words and numbers

Next, write what you rolled on your log sheet.

I played this I-spy game with my 6-year-old.  She rolled a number 1 and the color blue. She ran off and found 1 blue marker! 🙂  Then used the marker to write her answer, of course!

I spy game

You can have kids collect small things and bring them back for an active component.  Or you can have them look around the room and spot the colored things from where they are. For the picture above my daughter collected 5 black items.

Color I spy game for kids

This I-Spy Color Game teaches some great educational skills!

  • They learn to read and write color words,
  • They practice counting skills,
  • Handwriting is always good to practice.
  • Kids practice spelling number and color words.

DOWNLOAD the I Spy Color Game

Download it and play now!

color I spy game

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