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Teaching Color Words to Kids

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Do you have a young reader learning sight words right now?  Color words are included in a few different grade levels of the sight words.  But I think you can start teaching them earlier than you may think. I also think they are way more fun to teach all together!

teaching color words sight words

My kindergartner is right in the middle of learning to read. She is doing great, but some of the color words are little bit bigger than the words she is used to reading. I told her I wanted to make a way for her to learn to read these words. She actually gave me the idea for this game and I brought it to life!

teaching color words to kids

She wanted to roll a die and color in the words!  Cute, right?  I loved her idea and decided to run with it. We had fun making the game and playing it together. Now we can help other kids with their reading.

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How to Play The Roll a Color Word Game

This is a simple game to assemble and play!  It comes with a page of all of the color words for coloring in and a ten-sided die that has all of the colors included on the coloring sheet.

To assemble the die, cut it out and fold it along each of the lines. Then tape or glue it together. Double sided tape works well if you have it.

You’ll need markers, crayons, or colored pencils for coloring the words.

roll & color game

To play the game, roll the die and color in the word to match what was rolled. For new readers, they will have to sound out these words to find the correct one to color in.

There are ten colors included in this game: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white and brown.

teaching color words sight words

While some of the words were a little bit harder for her to read on her own, once she started sounding them out, she could figure out which color was which.

Color Word Puzzles

Also included in this printable is a set of color word puzzles. All ten of the colors mentioned above are included in this puzzle set. One side of the puzzle has the word and one side has a puzzle piece to match up with the word. A fun way to play a game with the puzzles is to turn them over like a matching game. Roll the colored die and try to find that color’s match. This was great for my older son!

color words puzzles

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 color words and puzzles for kids

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