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Thanksgiving Color By Number Worksheets

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Thanksgiving Color By Number Worksheets are a fun printable activity to add into your teaching during the holiday season this November.

Thanksgiving Color By Number Worksheets

Today I have a set of nine different color by number Thanksgiving themed pictures for you!  They are great for young children and older children alike! These Thanksgiving coloring pages would be a fun way to keep kids busy during the Thanksgiving holiday, or in your classroom for a time filler when you need students to do some independent work.   You can download this printable set at the bottom of this post!

These free printable color by number worksheets all have recognizable images and kids can choose their favorite Thanksgiving picture to color. There are pictures of an apple pie, a cooked turkey on a platter, a live turkey, a pair of pilgrims, a pair of native Americans, a cornucopia, the Mayflower, a pilgrim hat, and a pumpkin pie. 

thanksgiving color by number

At the top of the page these is a color key with colored crayons and the number for each color. These are simple color by number pictures meant mostly for young students, but you could easily cater them to older kids in your lesson plans by matching them up with math problems such as addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication or division problems, sight words, and more!  Surprisingly, even high school students love a good color by number sometimes! 

These Thanksgiving Color By Number Printables Can Teach Kids the Following Skills:

  • Number recognition
  • Color recognition
  • Color words and color names
  • Fine motor skills

Use these Thanksgiving coloring sheets in your classroom math centers for younger kids: preschool and kindergarten students love them. Or use them as a fun Thanksgiving activity to change things up for older kids. This will definitely help get them in the Thanksgiving spirit! This is an easy activity to put together with little to no prep needed!  You just need to print them out and grab a box of crayons, markers, or colored pencils!  

Once kids finish coloring their pictures, they could be used as a Thanksgiving decoration in the classroom or at home, too!

This is a Free Download. Download your Free Thanksgiving Color By Number Worksheets to use this holiday season! 


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