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Thanksgiving Mad Libs Printable

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Now that November has made an appearance, It’s time for some fun Thanksgiving teaching resources.  Today I have a Thanksgiving Mad Libs printable to share with you. These would be great to use for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Mad Libs Instructions

Are you new to the idea of mad libs?  If so, let me tell you. little bit about this fun game or creative writing activity.  A mad lib is a simple story that has words left blank to fill in.  You do mad libs with a partner and they give you prompts for the needed types of words without you knowing what the story is. For instance they will call out noun, adjective or verb and the person will have to come up with words. Mad libs are definitely a fun way to help students review parts of speech.

One way you could simplify this a bit for younger kids is to give word lists for them as they fill in the mad libs. Then they could choose from specific words to fill in the blanks. But I think it’s lots more fun when kids use their own power of creativity and create silly stories.

Once the story is complete it is read aloud with the added words. It always turns out to be a bit silly since the words do not always make sense.

Mad libs are fun for the whole family and with a wide age range of kids. You could do them around the kids’ table at Thanksgiving dinner with your family and guests.  Or fill them out while you are waiting for that turkey to cook!

These Thanksgiving Mad Libs are also great stress-free activity to use in the classroom during the holiday season leading up to Thanksgiving day. They can be used as independent work or small group work. Not only are they fun, but they are also educational since kids are learning parts of speech, spelling and writing words, and using their creativity to come up with the missing words.

If you don’t want to use up as much paper, laminate them. This makes them re-usable and wastes less paper.  Kids can write on the mad lib game with dry erase markers or wet erase markers.

Free Thanksgiving Mad Libs Printable:

If you need a great way to entertain kids of all ages for a while during Thanksgiving break, or any time during the month of November, this will do the trick.

My free printable Thanksgiving Mad Libs includes 6 different Thanksgiving-themed stories. Each story is unique and on individual worksheets. There is a mad lib story about making an apple pie, one about visiting the Macey’s Thanksgiving parade, there is a silly story about a turkey catastrophe, a story about a wonderful family Thanksgiving, there is a mad lib story about a family serving at a soup kitchen, and the final one is about the first Thanksgiving feast, with the Native Americans and the pilgrims.

Download the Thanksgiving Mad Libs and add it to your lesson plans and Thanksgiving party now!

Also check out my Halloween Mad Libs Printables.  And, the Christmas Mad libs are coming soon!

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