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Sun-Themed Math: Count and Clip Cards

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Hello there!  I have the cutest little sun-themed math activity for you to try today.  If you have young ones, these count and clip cards are perfect for them!  If you have a preschool sun, summer or weather theme, these will fit in just right.

sun-themed math count and clip cards

Sun-Themed Math: Count and Clip Cards

This sun-themed math activity is easy to use and assemble!  Just print them and cut them out to get them ready to use.

sun caount and clip cards

To use them, just clip on a clothes pin to each ray of the sun as you count them.  We used some mini clothes pins when we did ours, but any size will work!

sun themed preschool math

These cards could also be used to teach subtraction and addition.  We know that there are 10 sun rays total, so how many are missing? Figure out the difference!

While clothes pins work perfectly, if you do not have them, try using the count and clip cards with other counting objects. You could use buttons (or other small objects) and place them on the sun rays, or try it with paper clips instead of clothes pins.

sun count and clip cards

Along with math skills, it is also helping kids to develop motor skills. I forgot that it is hard for small hands to squeeze a clothes pin.  My daughter, who is six, had to work hard to open the clothes pins.  It’s great exercise for their little hands!

sun-themed preschool math

Ready to Download These Sun Themed Count and Clip Cards?

These are available free to subscribers! Click the button below to download & have them emailed right to you.

Sun-themed count and clip cards - preschool math

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