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Garden Ten Frame Printable Math Activity

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I’m close to wrapping up my week of gardening learning activities for kids.  I hope you’ve been enjoying all of these fun ideas!  Today I have a Garden Ten Frame Printable Math Activity for you.

garden ten frame math

What Is a Ten Frame?

Are you new to using ten frames with your little ones?  Ten frames are for teaching counting, addition and subtraction up to the number ten.  A ten frame is a 2 x 5 a rectangle divided into squares.  You can use it to help kids count up to ten. You can use it to figure out odd and even numbers, and even adding to ten or subtracting from ten.

We use ten frames in my daughter’s kindergarten lessons often.   What’s great about them is that they are visual and kids can really see the numbers as they count and work with them.

Garden Ten Frame Printable Math Activity

This fun ten frame printable has a blank ten frame template. It also includes 6 different vegetables to “plant” on the garden ten frame mat. There are 10 of each vegetable.  The vegetables included are: tomato, yellow pepper, peas, carrots, corn, pumpkin. Then it includes numbers 1-10.

garden ten frame printable math activity

To make this fun and more sensory like planting a garden, I put our ten frame on a tray with a little garden soil.  I laminated the ten frame template as well as the vegetable cards to they are re-usable and do not get dirty.  However, dirt is not required, just a fun optional extra.

If you have kids who do not want to get their hands dirty, you could also do this inside of a ziplock bag.

ten frame math printable

The large vegetable cards and the number cards are used for choosing what to plant. Place them in piles face down.  Kids can choose a number and a vegetable and plant them on their mat.

You can also do addition with them.  Choose two vegetables and one number and see how many of each vegetable it will take to add up to the number.


Want This Printable Ten Frame Activity?  Of course you do!



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garden ten frame printable math

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