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Garden Themed Spelling Word Mats

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When teaching kids to read and spell, it is always fun to have themes that make it interesting.  Today I have some Garden Themed Spelling Word Mats to share with you. (see also my Farm Themed spelling word mats)

garden spelling word mats

These spelling word mats are for beginner readers and spellers.  Only the first letter is blank of each word.

There are 12 spelling words included with this garden themed set.

garden spelling mats

Garden-Themed Spelling Word List:

  • Hat
  • Seeds
  • Hose
  • Glove
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Plant
  • Worm
  • Water
  • Garden
  • Trowel
  • Dirt

Each card includes a picture of the word as well as the word spelled out with the first letter of the word missing.

garden themed spelling mats

Download The Spelling Word Cards from My Shop:

The main goal for these is to help young ones learn first word sounds, and practice spelling words with little pressure. If kids have the chance to practice spelling and learning words in a fun way, they will become familiar with words and spelling patterns.

This printable set is a great one to keep in your file for the days you’d like to change up the spelling lesson!  They could be used for pre-k through 1st grade.

We used some plastic letter tiles with our spelling word mats. You can definitely do these with any replacement. Scrabble tiles work well. Or if you have magnet letters in your house, those can be used, too.

If you have no letter tiles, you can print some letters for kids or let kids just write in the missing letters. Make them reusable by putting them inside a sheet protector or laminating them.

This week I am doing all garden-themed activities. We are having a blast!

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garden spelling words



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  1. Thank you for the wonderful resources. One suggestion, if I may, Please use lowercase letters when spelling words for activities. This will help the students learn the lowercase letters and remind them that we only use capital letters in special cases. I understand that many commercially made materials (like magnetic tiles and scrabble pieces) use uppercase letters exclusively, but lowercase tiles can be found, and are easy to make. Thank you for all of your wonderful materials and ideas. You are making it so much easier for the kids to learn and for teachers (and parents these days) to teach.

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