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Free Printable Halloween Mad Libs

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Want a fun way to practice grammar, parts of speech and writing with your kids this Halloween season?  Check out these free printable Halloween Mad Libs!

Free Printable Halloween Mad Libs

What Are Mad Libs?

If you are unfamiliar with the old classic Mad Libs, they are a hilarious fill-in-the blank stories for kids. The blanks each have missing parts of speech that kids fill in.  However, they do it without reading the story. You do mad libs with a partner. One participant is telling the other what part of speech they need to fill in and the other is choosing the words without knowing what the story will say.

Once all of the blanks are filled in, they read the completed story to the other partner. It always turns out really fun and silly. They are perfect for practicing language skills, but in a non-stressful way! Mad Libs is one of the best word games because it teaches without kids realizing they are learning! Kids don’t feel like it is educational, just entertaining. Definitely a bonus!

Mad libs are great for Halloween parties, for classrooms and teachers wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, and are a perfect family fun activity.

You can make it easier for kids by giving them a word list of Halloween themed words to pull from (such as candy, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, trick or treat, witches, scream, spider, etc.), or just let them choose their own. Letting them choose their own will help them work on spelling and vocabulary, too!

Free Halloween Mad Libs Printable:

This printable comes with three different Halloween Mad Libs stories, a haunted house mad libs story, a trick or treat mad libs story, and a spooky Halloween night story.

Each story is a full page, double spaced with blanks for the kids to fill in. They are easy enough for younger readers and older readers to have fun with them!

These are free for you to download and print as needed!

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