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Printable Thanksgiving I-Spy Coloring Activity

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Who’s looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner?  The thanksgiving holiday season is one of my favorite times of year. Today I have an I-spy Thanksgiving coloring page for you! You can add this to your November lessons, or put it on the dinner table to keep the kids entertained on Thanksgiving day. These are not just for young children, either.  Even my older kids enjoy this fun printable game. 

Thanksgiving I-Spy Coloring Page

About the Thanksgiving I-Spy Coloring Pages:

Have you every tried these I-Spy coloring pages?  They are a great classic game and such a fun activity!  My kids love them and I though tit would be fun to put together a Thanksgiving themed I-spy page for us to use during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

It’s basically like a mini scavenger hunt. This Thanksgiving coloring page has 28 different hidden pictures. There is a key at the bottom where each picture has a number by it showing how many of each one there is.  

Thanksgiving I-Spy Coloring Activity

Choose a picture to hunt for and color them in with crayons, colored pencils or fine point markers as you find them. You can put tally marks by the pictures to keep track as you find them. You may want to grab a magnifying glass if your eyes are getting old like mine! 😉 

What pictures are hidden?  They are all Thanksgiving themed and include: turkey on a platter,  live turkey, pumpkins, pilgrim hats, Indian head dress, pumpkin pie, pinecones, various fall leaves, corn on the cob, teepee, a basket, a loaf of bread, an acorn, and more! 

Are These Educational?

Why, yes! They sure are!  This is a wonderful counting activity for younger kids. 

They help with fine motor skills as kids color these tiny little pictures. 

This fun Thanksgiving activity also teaches visual discrimination. This is the ability to decipher differences in objects and classify them. This is an important skill for all people to learn! 

thanksgiving i spy

​Great Ways to Use these Thanksgiving I-Spy Pages:

  • Have extra time in your classroom? These are the perfect time fillers!  No prep needed! 
  • These are lots of fun for a classroom party.
  • Use them over Thanksgiving break to keep kids busy at home. They are a great boredom buster!
  • Give them to the whole family and race to see who can complete it first!
  • Print this fun game out to take with you to the doctor’s office when you need to entertain kids in a waiting room. 
  • Take them on a road trip as you drive to your family’s home for Thanksgiving. 
  • Want to save paper or make them durable and use them again next year?  It may be a good idea to laminate the worksheets and make them re-usable with dry erase markers

Download your Free Printable Thanksgiving I-Spy Coloring Page Now! 


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