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Halloween STEM: Flapping Bat Wings

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Have you read the book Stellaluna before?  It is a fun one that my kids love. Our flapping bat wings activity is inspired by that book. This is a FUN Halloween learning activity that your kids will really enjoy!

How to Make the Flapping Bat Wings

You will need a print-out of our bat template, some scissors and tape and two plastic straws with different diameters. One needs to fit inside of the other one. I used regular straws and smoothie straws.

flapping bat wings supplies

Print, color and cut the bat. Or use the colored template to skip the coloring step.

cutting bat section

Cut a small slit in the middle of the bat.

halloween bat craft- stellaluna

Cut a slit in the skinnier straw- about an inch long. Slide it through the cut in the bat and bend outward. Tape to secure.

straws on flapping bat wings

Cut the bigger straw down a bit smaller. I cut off about 1/3 of the straw. Then cut a slit in it about half way up the straw.

Slide it over the top of the smaller straw and bend out the cut sections. Tape at the ends only to secure.

Slide the larger straw back and forth to flap the wings!

stellaluna book craft

Also, check out my Butterfly version!

Halloween STEM- Flapping Bat Wings Craft- Stellaluna

Click HERE to Download the Flapping Bat Wings Template Now!

This is part of the Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids. Join in the weekly activities with myself and some other great bloggers!

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