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Homemade Straw Glasses

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Remember those fun straw glasses from when you were a kid?  I loved those things!!  I was thinking about them the other day and trying to figure out how I could make a homemade pair of them for my kids. Well, I found a way, and they are so much fun!

Homemade Straw Glasses for Kids from Teach Beside Me

How to Make Straw Glasses:

I wanted to find some flexible tubing that was long enough to make into a set of these straw glasses.  I decided to use some fish tank airline tubing. I bought a package that was 25-feet long.  I cut the tubing into 5 foot pieces. That will make you 5 pairs of straw glasses!

how to make homemade straw glasses

Make two loops for the glasses part. Don’t center the loops. You will want one end to be much longer than the other so it will reach to the cup. The other end needs to be long enough to reach to your mouth.

make homemade straw drinking glasses

I secured the two loops with colored tape. Choose your favorite color or pattern to make them unique to each child.

straw glasses

Since the tubing is flexible, it is a little harder for the glasses to stay on your face, so you just need to tuck it behind your ears. Put the long end into a glass and the shorter end into your mouth and start sucking.  It takes a little longer to get to your mouth, but it is worth it!

drinking glasses

I got the kids grape juice so they could really see it coming around the straw. My kids were giggling with delight and loved how the glasses got cold as the juice came through it around there faces.

These have seriously been so much fun to make and they are such an inexpensive project!  Try making a pair of straw glasses with your kids!

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