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Winter Snowflake Play Dough Mats

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Play dough mats are tons of fun for kids to play with.  Today I have a printable set of Winter Snowflake Play Dough Mats for you!

winter snowflake play dough building mats

I know we are already looking to spring, longing for spring, hoping for spring (just me?). But we are still right in the middle of a cold winter over here with frequent snowy days.  So, while it’s still snowing, we’ll still play with snowflakes!  (See also my Winter Craft ~ Watercolor and Salt Snowflakes) This snowflake play dough activity is great for preschool aged kids or elementary age.

snowflake play dough mats

Winter time is a great time for some indoor sensory play with your little ones. It keeps them occupied for a long time when the weather may not be conducive to outdoor play. All of the squeezing, poking, patting and rolling is such a great sensory learning experience for kids.

Winter Snowflake Play Dough Mats:

These snowflake play dough mats include 8 different styles of snowflakes for kids to build and mold.  They will love making all different snowflake shapes and finding their favorite.  As the saying goes, “no two snowflakes are alike”.

snowflake activity

Each of these play dough mats are a half of a sheet of paper. They will print 2 per page. I always laminate my play dough mats to they are reusable. I have this laminator. But, if you don’t have a laminator, you can use sheet protectors, too!

winter sensory play

I also included a full page sheet with all the different play dough snowflakes included.  This is a fun way for little hands to build them all in one place!

This snowflake play dough building activity could also double as a math activity for young ones. Just incorporate counting into the snowflake building!  Have them count how many of each part of the snowflake they need to form.

snowflake play dough

Homemade Play Dough Recipes:

Here are two ways you can make your own white play dough for this activity! Click through the links to find instructions for each one.

winter snowflake play dough mats

Check out my easy playdough recipe. You’ll just need a few simple ingredients such as flour, salt, vegetable oil and water and food coloring if you desire.  This recipe does need to cook on the stove in a pot over medium heat, so it will require adult supervision. Make sure to add some iridescent glitter to make the snow sparkle for this one!

See also my lotion and cornstarch play dough recipe: This easy two Ingredient no cook playdough recipe makes a very soft playdough!  Kids could easily stir this dough up all on their own in a big bowl. There is no gluten in this one, if your kids have sensitivities.

Keep your homemade play dough in an air-tight container such as a zipper bag or a jar.

Also check out my Fizzing Snowman activity! Or How to Make Cloud Dough

You can get these Snowflake Play Dough Mats in my Shop!

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